Roshan Bliss | Resume


Roshan Bliss is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Bliss Collaborations LLC, a consulting business dedicated to “co-laboring” with nonprofits, businesses, community groups, schools, and government agencies to create more democratic decision-making and governance, make our communities stronger, and build toward a future that is safer and more just.


Aurora Public Schools Meaningful Student Involvement Coaching (2021-present)

Worked with executive leaders and educators from APS’s community school-based “innovation zone” to train teachers and leadership on shifting from tokenizing, adultist modes of student engagement and pedagogy toward measurable, anti-adultist frameworks for fostering meaningful student involvement in the school and more authentic student agency in the co-governance model of community schooling. Served as an implementation coach to community school coordinator and deans of Aurora West College Prep Academy as they rebuilt the school’s culture and student leadership model from the ground up.

Denver STAR Alternative Emergency Response Program

Served as a lead organizer of a three-year research and advocacy campaign that led to the 2020 pilot of an alternative, non-law enforcement response to 911 calls. Coordinated a research trip to Eugene, OR for a delegation of grassroots advocates, elected officials, police & 911 professionals, funders, and social service providers to learn in-person about the CAHOOTS mobile crisis response model, then helped manage the efforts of community-led working group tasked with structuring and rolling out a similar response in Denver, which became the first of its kind in a major US city. The efforts led to the creation of the Support Team Assisted Response program (STAR), which has received national attention for replication and received $3 million to fund its expansion in 2022.

Auraria Campus & City of Denver Participatory Budgeting Pilots

Managed every aspect of Colorado’s first-ever student-led participatory budgeting process (PB) in 2018, which saw 1,000 students democratically spend $43,000 across the three higher-ed institutions of Denver’s Auraria campus. Later tapped by the City & County of Denver to serve as an advisor and lead community consultant to its first-ever PB pilot that sought to engage the entire city in democratically spending $2M on public projects.

Student Voice Student Vote Advocacy Campaign

Launched and served as lead adult organizer and policy director for a six-year campaign to pass legislation to empower 16- and 17-year olds to vote in CO school board elections. Organized the initial coalition, recruited and trained student organizers, and co-designed an innovative leadership structure that allowed for true youth-adult partnership and youth leadership in a policy advocacy campaign across four state legislative sessions. Served as lead lobbyist for the student leadership committee and worked closely with legislators to craft ground breaking legislation and gain support from education leaders and local officials.

Poudre School District Community Advisory Committee

Served for six months as a facilitator for a stakeholder engagement process aimed at generating consensus-based recommendations regarding the future of the School Resource Officer Program within PSD schools with special attention to the experiences of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Council members and student experiences. The work concluded with over fifty practical and innovative recommendations presented to the Board of Education from the CAC.

Areas of Expertise

  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Training Design and Delivery
  • Consensus-based Decision Making
  • Community Organizing
  • Project & Campaign Management
  • Authentic Public Engagement
  • Youth-Adult Partnerships
  • Meaningful Student Involvement
  • Equity Training and Coaching
  • Anti-Oppression Frameworks
  • Curriculum Design
  • Public Policy Advocacy
  • Criminal Justice Reform & Policing Alternatives
  • Transformative Justice & Community Accountability

Education & Certifications

  • Dual BA from Purdue University in Philosophy & Religious Studies, 2009
  • Certificate from University of Denver for 40-hour Mediation Training, 2012
  • Certificate in Public Participation Planning, Communication, & Techniques from the International Association for Public Participation, 2011
  • 3-day Community Organizing Training from Jobs with Justice National, 2013
  • 7-day Community Organizing Training from National People’s Action / ISAIAH Minnesota, 2017

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